Dear God No! 42nd Street Cut (Rare, OOP, #88)

Dear God No! 42nd Street Cut (Rare, OOP, #88)

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A left over found with some old merch. This is the "Grindhouse Cut" that was released in a white Disney style clam shell case in 2012.
The plastic is a little wrinkled but it is signed and numbered #88.
These were limited to 100 copies.

Product Description

A vicious gang of murdering and raping bikers, The Impalers, invades a home after a bloody shoot-out at a strip club. Humiliation, rape, and murder follow, but there is something in the basement and in the woods... Sasquatch! This shot on film politically incorrect exploitation throwback to the 70s is a fun grab bag of biker film, home invasion flick, Bigfoot monster movie, stag loops, and even some Nazisploitation.


While the vast majority of genre geeks seemed to be jerking each other off to Hobo with a Shotgun, cult horror fanatics were getting turned onto Dear God No!, which is still out there playing around wherever it can find an audience. Made without studio backing, or the big-mouthed noise of the Quentin Tarantino crowd and all those Austin hipsters who gobbled up Troll 2 like it was cool , Dear God No! is a biker flick that successfully employed do-it-yourself movie making techniques (while bringing in real Hollywood talents to the filmmaking team) to create a film that feels like a direct product of the 70 s. It s brimming over with exploitation value, including topless tommygun toting Nixon strippers, a blood soaked burnout on a nun s chest (try not to make a habit of that!), and even a psychotic Big Foot that ravages the Georgian woods. --Brutal As Hell

DEAR GOD NO! will have you out of your seat and cheering, I guarantee. Everything from ultimate gross out gore to Nazi science, Nixon strippers, all kinds of gnarly biker violence, deviant S&M, a hick conspiracy nut, and of course Bigfoot are the mismatched ingredients that make up this odd little movie. Not for the squeamish, and most assuredly if your girlfriend/wife/whatever is preganant not for her, but for the Bigfoot moments alone, DEAR GOD NO! is downright fantastic. --Ain't it Cool News

WINNER: Best Exploitation Film (Arizona Underground Film Festival)